Administrative offences & Road accidents

Each of us has ever committed an administrative offence being even unaware of it. Though administrative penalties are not too severe, their infliction effects can be harsh enough.


For individuals the most severe administrative punishment is arrest, but legal entities can be imposed by a high fine or, at the worst, be subject to administrative suspension of activity.


It is better to recourse to a professional and qualified counsel to avoid possible negative effects of administrative procedure.


Administrative law advocates provide qualified legal assistance to individuals and entities in cases of administrative offences.


Administrative offence cases are examined both by judges and by a wide scope of different public authorities and officers. All of them are vested with powers to impose administrative punishments.


The administrative procedure is explicitly regulated by the Code of Administrative Offences of the Russian Federation, which describes elements of offences.


At the first glance the defense in administrative proceedings doesn’t present any difficulties. Nevertheless, any slight mistake - especially in court - can lead to grave consequences. As a rule, every case has its nuances and details and its own jurisprudence. Pleading of administrative cases requires knowledge and experience.


Both individuals and legal entities need help of an administrative law advocate, for it is an advocate who is vested with powers of defense. Only an advocate is capable to assure the respect of the Client’s procedural and civil rights.


Advocatory assistance covers a direct participation in case hearings as well as filing requests of review of judicial rulings and decisions on administrative offences.


As a rule, services of an administrative law lawyer include:

  • direct familiarization with the materials of a case;

  • elaboration of a legal opinion and of defense guidelines;

  • drawing up of necessary petitions;

  • pleading of an administrative offence  case;

  • drawing up of a complaint against a resolution, if necessary, and a direct participation in its examination.

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