Author's rights

 Our authors’ rights lawyer will: 

  • Help to recognize an author’s right to a work;

  • Contribute to compensation of moral and material damages caused by an unlawful use of an object of authors’ rights;

  • Draw up a agreement of a right alienation/ license transfer;

  • Give a legal opinion on the legality of use of an object of authors’ rights.

Legal services: authors’ rights

Our lawyers are ready to provide the following legal services to protect authors’ rights:

  • complex legal advice on authors’ rights;

  • expert study concerning the legality of use of an object of authors’ rights;

  • drawing up of a copyright transfer agreement or a copyright use agreement;

  • mediation in negotiations on out-of-law settlement;

  • filing a legal claim of violation of authors’ rights;

  • protection of Client’s interests in court;

  • control of an appropriate execution of judicial decisions: e.g. counterfeit destruction, advertising ban, etc.;

  • judicial review claims.  

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