Bankruptcy is a heavy procedure executed in case of a company’s insolvency. This procedure is regulated the Federal law on Insolvency (Bankruptcy). Bankruptcy can be initiated by a company itself as well as by its debtors. Prearranged bankruptcy also referred to as “hostile merger” is a case apart. Prearranged bankruptcy is initiated by the company’s rivals. A company is declared bankrupt only on statement of this fact by the arbitration court. Bankruptcy proceeding requires drawing up of a great deal of documents and professional knowledge in this field. A bankruptcy advocate is the only one sound solution of this problem.


The advocates of the Central Moscow Bar Association will provide complex legal support in bankruptcy procedure. Our bankruptcy advocate can:

  • protect from prearranged bankruptcy;

  • help to properly liquidate a company;

  • achieve debts recovery.




The Central Moscow Bar Association provides legal support for creditors as well as for debtors on bankruptcy inducing.


Legal services for creditors:

  •  legal advice on bankruptcy;

  • legal review of the situation and finding of an efficient solution;

  • drawing up and filing of a claim in court;

  • assistance in initiation of criminal prosecution in case of  fraudulent bankruptcy.


Legal services for debtors:

  • legal advice on bankruptcy issues;

  • legal analysis of the matter and prognosis of its possible evolution;

  • mediation in conclusion of an out-of-court settlement agreement;

  • drawing-up of an out-of-court settlement agreement;

  • legal assistance in the voluntary liquidation of the business;

  • protection of the debtor’s interests in court.

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