Commercial disputes, Arbitration

Arbitration disputes are disputes between legal entities having material, economic character. Such disputes are examined by arbitration (commercial) courts. Firms, public agencies, associations, federal subjects, municipal units, government institutions. An arbitration lawyer is an expert in several areas of law - tax law, land law, finance law, civil law etc.


The advocates of the Central Moscow Bar Association are ready to provide you qualified legal assistance in commercial disputes.

Our arbitration advocate will:

  • act as mediator in conflict settlement;

  • collect necessary documents;

  • draw up an accurate claim to submit it to a court;

  • protect the Client’s interests in court;

  • appeal a court decision;

  • consult on all issues of concern.


The experts of our Bar association possess deep knowledge and wide experience in settlement of commercial disputes. The first stage of our arbitration advocate’s work includes the legal analysis of the case and tentatives of its peaceful settlement. Very often mediation in out-of-court settlement of arbitration disputes gives favorable results.

If there is no success in out-of-court settlement, our advocate prepares a claim before judicial bodies. To do this, the arbitration advocate collects a lot of necessary documents, elaborates a strategy of carrying out of the case and searches for witnesses.


The last working stage is attendance at court hearings, which can be in multitude. Convincing arguments, fast response to the opponent’s counter, qualified answers to the judge’s questions – such are the qualities of our arbitrary lawyers.



The central Moscow Bar Association is ready to provide the following services in this field:

  •  legal advice on arbitration issues;

  • legal analysis of the materials of the case;

  • mediation in pre-trial settlement of the conflict;

  • collection and drawing up of all the necessary documents

  • drawing up and filing of a claim to judicial bodies;

  • the Client’s representation in courts of all the tiers;

  • appeal of court decisions.

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