Consumer rights protection

Protection of consumers’ rights represents a separate area in legal matters. In Russia legal relationships between consumers and sellers are regulated by the federal Law on the Protection of the Consumers’ Rights. It provides basic customers’ rights as rights to safe goods, true product information, rights to exchange of defected goods or to a monetary compensation. Just few citizens use these options. More frequently customers just try to forget an unpleasant purchase or low-quality services. They throw out a defected item to buy a new one. This practice is caused by ignorance of possible remedies in such situations. So a consumer law lawyer is the best solution of the problem. The professionals of the Central Moscow Bar Association possess a rich experience in pleading cases in the area of protection of customers’ rights.




Our Bar Association provides the following services in this field:

  • in-depth legal advice on consumers rights protection;

  • legal opinion of lawfulness of a seller’s actions;

  • mediation in out-of-court conflict settlement, drawing up of amicable settlement agreements;

  • assistance in independent evaluation of a good properties or a service quality;

  • drawing up of  claims to judicial bodies;

  • representation of plaintiff’s interests  in court.


We will help you:


To exchange a defected good;

  • to force an unfair seller to reprovide  high-quality  services;

  • to get back money for a defected item;

  • to compensate physical and moral harm.  

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