Corporate disputes

Corporate disputes develop within the company. Shareholders, company management, the State represented by tax and law enforcement authorities, the joint-stock company, third party, rivals and can be involved in it. In most cases the company property consists the subject-matter of such disputes and these conflicts are settled by the Arbitration (commercial) court and by the general jurisdiction courts.

The main types of corporate disputes are:

  • disputes related to the appeal of the company management decisions;

  • disputes related to hostile takeovers;

  • disputes concerning contestation of shares and securities issues;

  • disputes on distribution of shares among company founders;

  • disputes caused by organizational reshuffle of the company management, by enlisting or exclusion of shareholders;

  • disputes concerning company registration, reorganization and liquidation.




The advocates of the Central Moscow Bar Association provide the following legal services in this field:

  • professional legal advice in the area of corporate law;

  • elaboration of written recommendations concerning company legal form, distribution of profits, organizational chart;

  • elaboration of company constitutional documents and their modification in order to prevent undesired conflicts;

  • registration of legal entities, assistance in selection of an efficient legal form;

  • legal assistance in shares issue;

  • elaboration of corporate documents;

  • legal analysis of a company’s constitutional  documents;

  • legal report on the legality of a company management’s actions;

  • legal support of transactions with shares and interests;

  • elaboration of protective measures against hostile takeovers;

  • mediation in pre-trial settlement;

  • recovery of losses from a company’s CEO;

  • protection of the Clients’ interests in court.

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