Criminal law cases

The presumption of innocence means that the accused is considered innocent unless proven guilty. But in spite of this criminal procedure principle even innocent people can be under prosecution. If a criminal case is instituted against you, you need an advocate immediately, from the first minute of the preliminary inquisition. The point of view that an advocate is necessary only in trial is erroneous, as criminal cases are formed at the stage of preliminary inquisition. Interrogation is a crucial moment for a person under investigation: information received during it can be interpreted against the accused.


The Central Moscow Bar association is ready to provide you legal assistance as follows:

  • legal advice on criminal cases;

  • carrying out of criminal cases (defense) of any degree of complexity, at any stage of criminal procedure;

  • legal assistance for prosecuted persons during arrest, interrogations and in custody;

  • drawing up of complaints and petitions;

  • defense in trial;

  • appeal against punitive measures.



Criminal law is one of the most complicated branches of law. A criminal law advocate must have an analytical mind and strategic reasoning capacities. Carrying out of a criminal case is comparable with a game of chess: to win you have to keep in mind several moves in advance – yours and your opponent’s. Our lawyers possess all of the above-mentioned qualities. The work stages of our company’s professionals include:

Familiarization with the case. The sooner our expert gets into action, the higher is the probability to win the case. At this stage the facts of the case and information provided by the client should be thoroughly studied. Our lawyers guarantee the complete confidentiality of the received data.

Elaboration of strategy and tactics.  At the second stage all the received data are subject to a detailed analysis. Besides there is a collect of all necessary documents and information. As a result, a criminal law advocate develops a strategy considering focus points for defense and weak points of prosecution. He also elaborates tactical prescriptions “how” to act in court to win the case. For instance, there are two widely used behavior tactics – attack and defense.


Contacting us you can count on:

  • defense at all the stages of prosecution (enquiry, investigation, trial);

  • defense at all judicial tiers (first instance, cassation and  supervisory instances);

  • defense during all police proceedings (arrest, interrogations and identification line-ups, investigative experiments).

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