Debt recovery

Courts and tribunals are overwhelmed by suits for breach of loan agreements. Lenders cannot take back their sums due to different reasons: a debtor’s lack of money or a quarrel with the latter, or just because of improperly drawn-up loan documents.  Legal assistance in debt claims is often a necessary measure, for only an expert can help to get back your money using different methods and techniques.

The lawyers of the Central Moscow Bar Association are ready to provide the following services to help you to recover a debt:

  • debt settlement activities;

  • drawing up and filing of a debt claim in court;

  • representation of plaintiff’s interests in court;

  • complex legal advice.



Recovery of debts is a complicated and meticulous affair. To succeed in it our lawyers apply a wide range of efficient means and methods.




Very often debtors refuse to give back the loan because of a quarrel with their creditors. In such a case judicial debt recovery is an ultimate measure. First of all you should try to settle the problem in a peaceful way. To do this, professionals of our Bar Association act as mediators between debtor and creditor. In the most of cases mediation work results in conciliation and in further debts recovery. Debts recovery from entities consists a specific aspect of professional activity of our Bar association. It happens that entities refuse to pay debts to their employees, being confident of their preponderance in forces and resources.

In these cases our lawyers sent to these organizations properly drawn-up letters with the claim to refund amounts payable.  Also these letters contain a avis that in case of non-payment until a certain term a claim will filed to judicial bodies.  Debt settlement letters to debtor companies from the third party often have a positive result effect of debt refunding.

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