Economic crimes

Very often small and medium businesses are subject to prosecution for economic crimes just by accident – because of tax illiteracy or as a result of rivals’ plots. In any case in Russia this area is regulated by the Criminal code, which provides quite a harsh punishment for this type of crimes. According to the Criminal code, economic crime supposes:

  • evasion of taxes and custom duties;

  • fraudulent or premeditated bankruptcy;

  • fraud;

  • bribery;

  • money laundering;

  • illegal business and banking activity;

  • legalization of illegal profits and a great number of other crimes


Defense for economic crimes demands vast knowledge in several areas of law – criminal law, finance law, land law, corporate law - and the faculty to perceive sophisticated accounting schemes. Economic crime is always a complicated process embracing a multitude of interdependent elements. It is impossible to elaborate defense strategy without understanding of the whole process. The advocates of the Central Moscow Bar Association possess all of the above-mentioned skills.



Our advocates specialized in economic crime issues will provide the following services:

  • complex legal advice on economic issues;

  • criminal due diligence;

  • legal analysis of  the situation and prognosis of its evolution;

  • drawing up of all the necessary documents: complaints, petitions, requests;

  • protection of the Client’s interests in all the judicial tiers: appellate instance, cassation, supervisory instance;

  • appeal of judicial decisions.

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