Housing disputes

To settle housing suits our lawyers resort to extensive legislative framework: Housing code, Civil code, Land code, Federal law on Privatization of the Housing Fund of the Russian Federation, Family code. Simple at the first glance, housing law cases conceal a great deal of nuances obvious only to an experienced professional. Very often housing suits can be settled only in court. So do not waste time trying to solve this kind of problem yourself, ask the Central Moscow Bar Association for assistance.

Our housing law lawyer will help you in case of:

  • eviction;

  • apportionment of parts in living quarters;

  • controversies with other homeowners;

  • legalization of an uncertified replanning;

  • impeding of moving in or of housing use;

  • disputes with housing management companies;

  • housing  privatization;

  • need to determine rules of housing use.




Our Bar Association is ready to provide  the following legal assistance in housing cases

  • exhaustive legal advice on housing issues;

  • legal review of documents in the housing field;

  • legalization of unauthorized planning;

  • drawing up  and collection of all necessary documents;

  • protection of homeowners’ rights;

  • preparation of documentation and carrying out of housing privatization procedure;

  • pssue and filing of legal claims to judicial bodies;

  • representation of client’s interests in court.

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