Inheritance cases

Inheritance registration is always a heavy procedure, which can also be aggravated by controversies among heirs. And there are 8 lines of inheritance under Russian law! Persons who have right to succeed the deceased are: children, spouses, parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles, nephews and nieces,  stepchildren, stepfathers, stepbrothers and sisters etc. So inheritance law can often be beyond a layperson’s understanding. But the assistance of an inheritance law advocate will contribute to the solution of such a complicated task.

Our inheritance law lawyer:

  • will give a professional advice on inheritance cases;

  • will draw up all necessary documents;

  • will contest a testament or will help to recognize it invalid;

  • will represent client’s interests before notary and in court; 

  • will help to accept inherited property.


Legal services:  inheritance cases.

The lawyers of the Central Moscow Bar Association will provide qualified legal assistance in this field:

  • exhaustive legal advice on inheritance issues;

  • drawing up and collection of documents for inheritance acceptance;

  • search of inheritable property;

  • calculation of inheritance shares;

  • representation of heirs’ interests before a notary;

  • protection of interests in case of contestation of inheritance in court;

  • assistance in declaration of a will invalid.

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