Legal support of business activities

Every company encounters various problems that can be solved only with assistance of a lawyer. It can be drawing up of documents, keeping of HR records and taxation documents, handling of employee relations, disputes settlement. As a rule, these problems are fixed by hiring a lawyer on a regular basis or even a team of graduated in law. But very often it would be more reasonable to consult a specialized company.


The advocates of the Central Moscow Bar Association provide complex legal support for businesses.



  • oral and written advice on all business activity issues;

  • arrangement of constitutional and HR documents;

  • legal support of transactions;

  • legal support during tax, police and other inspections;

  • drawing up of documents, agreements, claims, applications etc.;

  • legal support in negotiating;

  • legal analysis of contracts;

  • assistance in settlement of in-house and external conflicts;

  • protection of companies’ interests in all judicial instances.


Legal outsourcing can include specific services as well as full range of legal issues in the scope of subscriber programs.

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