Marriage dissolution & Divorce

Divorce is a traumatic experience for both spouses. Very often mutual offences impede objective marriage dissolution. In this case  spouses need a mediator. The lawyers of the Central Moscow Bar Association are ready to provide a qualified legal assistance in divorce (divorce advocates). Our experts can solve your problems in a prompt and professional way at any stage of divorcing procedure. Under the Russian Family code divorce can be obtained at a public registry office or in court. Divorce at a public registry is possible only on mutual agreement of spouses having no underage children. A public registry gives divorce if the other spouse is legally incapable, declared missing or is sentenced to more than three years in prison. In the rest of cases dissolution of marriage (divorce) is obtained in court. Legal assistance in divorce is needed in both situations. Even in the event of peaceful marriage dissolution at a registry office one need to file applications and to draw up property partition documents.




Our Bar Association provides the following services:

  • complex legal advice on divorce including definition of the child’s place of residence, partition of property, an alimony  lawyer, a debt recovery lawyer advice, and many other related issues;

  • drawing up of claims to a registry office and to judicial bodies;

  • in-court protection in disputes about children and marital property partition;

  • collection and drawing up of all documents needed for divorce (divorce application, divorce claim to court, etc.);

  • participation in all organizational divorce proceedings;


“Off-the-shelf divorce” – carrying out of all organizational divorce proceedings practically without your presence.



  • get informational support on all issues of concern;

  • not worry about collection and formation of piles of documents;

  • to protect yourself from stressing contacts;

  • save time and forces for more pleasant things.

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