Police and tax inspections

The main aim of tax inspections is to reveal law breaches in a company. In addition tax authorities are entitled to engage police officers for inspections. According to the Letter of the Federal Tax Service as of 24.08.2012 N АС-4-2/14007 there are three cases when tax authorities are obliged to engage a police officer for an inspection as follows:

  • tax evasion with signs of tax crimes;

  • illegal actions on bankruptcy;

  • unjustified VAT refund.


Police and tax inspections are stressful for every company. So advocatory assistance is always a good solution of this problem. Our Bar Association provides qualified legal support in case of police and tax inspections. Our professionals will:

  • provide legal support during inspections;

  • elaborate recommendations on a company staff’s conduct for the period of inspections;

  • prepare answers to tax authorities’ requests;

  • protect your interests in court.



The Central Moscow Bar Association will provide the following legal assistance during police and tax inspections:

  • legal advice on tax and police inspections;

  • elaboration of written recommendations on employees conduct for the period of inspections;

  • legal analysis of the situation;

  • preparations of the company management and staff for a forthcoming inspection;

  • elaboration of answers to tax authorities’ requests;

  • any time on-site visits in case of extraordinary inspections of tax and police officers;

  • complete legal support during tax and police inspections;

  • prevention of conflicts with tax inspectors and police officers in the period of inspections;

  • legal defense of the Client at law enforcement agencies. 

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