Protection of goodwill

Goodwill is an integral part of every company’s image. According to article 152 of the Russian Civil code all the rules of protection of individuals’ goodwill are equally applied to legal entities. In most cases defamatory information appears in mass-media, sometimes it is used in rivals’ advertisement. In any case the most efficient solution of this problem is to protect goodwill in court.  Adjudicating on this type of cases in the plaintiff’s favor the court orders:

  • to publish a refutation in the same medium;

  • to capture data medium with defamatory information;

  • to delete all the defamatory data from the Internet;

  • to pay a monetary compensation.


The lawyers of the Central Moscow Bar Association will provide qualified legal assistance in this field. Our advocate specialized in goodwill protection can:

  •  give legal advice on all the aspects of the protection of goodwill;

  • make an analysis for breach of law;

  • evaluate the prospects and give necessary recommendations;

  • act as mediator in out-of-court settlement;

  • protect your interests in court




The advocates of the Central Moscow Bar Association provide the following legal services on goodwill protection:

  • legal advice on protection of goodwill;

  • legal analysis of the situation and prognosis of its evolution;

  • mediation in out-of-court settlement;

  • drawing up of a settlement agreement;

  • drawing up and filing of a claim in court;

  • representation of the Client before judicial bodies;

  • control on the execution of a court ruling.

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