Protection of honor & dignity

The protection of honor, dignity and goodwill is provided by two texts:  the Civil code and the Criminal code of the Russian Federation. Article 152 of the Civil code penalizes for spreading of falsified denigrating information about a person; slander and insult are criminally punishable under articles 129 and 130 of the Russian Criminal code.


In most cases offenders in this area are mass media publishing false and denigrating information in their periodicals. If the guilt is proven, judges prescribe to publish a refutation and pay moral damages to the victim. The Central Moscow Bar association will provide qualified legal assistance in protection of honor and dignity. 

Our experts have a solid experience and secured a lot of court victories.




The Central Moscow Bar Association provides the following legal services to protect persons’ honor and dignity:

  •  detailed legal advice on protection of honor and dignity;

  • mediation in contacts with opponents and drawing up of settlement agreement;

  • analysis of a conflict situation and prognosis of its evolution;

  • drawing up of claim settlement letters;

  • formation of claims to judicial bodies;

  • protection of Client’s interests  in court;

  • control on execution of judicial decisions: publication of refutation, public excuse, moral damages compensation, etc.





Our lawyer for honor and dignity issues keeps to the following working scheme:

  • in-depth case review to take into account all its nuances and details;

  • a tentative to settle a conflict amicably;

  • drawing up and filing of a claim in court in case of refuse in out-of-court settlement;

  • thorough elaboration of in-court strategy and tactics;

  • client’s interests representation in court.

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